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Updated January 8, 2007 8:30 PM

New this year!

This year, Playing At Learning is trying something that was successful during the World Festival in Atlanta for the 2005 Ocean Odyssey game. And this was also done at the Central California Championship event in December for this year's NanoQuest challenge.. we are borrowing heavily from these experiences.

In the spirit of "Collaborative Competition" you will form an alliance with 3 other FLL teams. The teams that will partner with your team will be predetermined and communicated to you during Saturday morning check-in.

The four team alliance will work together at the conclusion of the PM performance rounds and run one final robot Alliance Round. We expect this round to start at 4:45pm.

Note : We will not be able to provide pit tables during the alliance round.

How It Works: Throughout the day, you should start to meet and work with your alliance partners on your strategy. There will be at most 20-25 minutes after the performance rounds are complete to finalize your alliance strategy based on the day's performance of each robot.

Team members will have to decide which robot will do what, what order, which team members will run, etc.

The alliance round will be the same NanoQuest missions/rules with a few exceptions:

o The alliance round will still be 2.5 minutes in length
o Each team must select exactly two members to represent the team for the alliance round and run that team's robot during the alliance round.
o Each of the four team's robots in the alliance will run only two of the table missions each. 4 teams, 2 missions each, for a total of 8 missions to be attempted.
o A ninth mission must NOT be attempted at all - and will be declared upfront by the alliance before their round.
o Each of the 4 team's robot will be used to complete the two missions. It doesn't matter which order, and each team's robot does not have to run the two missions back to back. Just so long as each of the four robots only attempts two of the eight missions.
o A robot may be picked up from the table (even if out of base) without penalty - as long as the reason is that it is being removed is to allow the next alliance member's robot to go. Otherwise, all of the "normal" rules apply with respect to robots.
o If the alliance successfully completes all eight missions before the time has expired, the time remaining is recorded to break any tied scores between alliances. The alliance with the highest score AND accomplished in the shortest time wins the alliance round!

Alliance awards will be handed out to each of teams in the winning alliance. These awards are completely independent from the rest of the awards - so a team may in fact win an alliance award along with at most 2 LEGO trophies (as long as one LEGO trophy is just for robot performance).

Good Luck!! For questions that have not been addressed in this page, please feel free to contact either Jill or Mark, the tournament directors.

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