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Completing Your Registration

There are several steps that must be completed before your team will be able to compete at the Northern California Official FIRST LEGO League Tournament:

  1. Submit your $75 registration fee by January 12, 2007. This can either be done via PayPal or via check. Payment details are below
  2. Please consider making an additional donation to support the tournament. Your support would be GREATLY appreciated!
  3. Prepay for your team's personal tournament video.
  4. Send a one page Powerpoint slide that highlights your team (remember FIRST values) to ASAP!!!! - We are going to try to put them up on the projection screen before your round.
  5. Send a DIGITAL photo of your team and a separate digital photo of the team's robot) to ASAP !!!! - These will be made available to the judges
  6. Identify an adult volunteer from your team that is available for at least half of the tournament day - send an email with team number, which part of the day the volunteer is available along with the volunteer's name and volunteer's direct email address and cellphone number to

When your payment is received (and your volunteer's contact info and your powerpoint slide and photos), we will post your team schedule.

A complete checklist of what to bring is available - it has been updated for NanoQuest season.
Also, the Competition Details (and Alliance Round) has been updated for NanoQuest season.

Payment Details

The registration fee can be paid either by mail (check/money order) or online using PayPal.

To pay by check or money order, send your payment (payable to Playing@Learning) to:

42668 Lerwick Street
Fremont, CA 94539

Make sure to write your FLL TEAM NUMBER and team name in the memo section of the check.

To pay via PayPal, use the button below. Make sure to fill in your team # and name before adding the registration to your shopping cart!

To check out, use the "View Cart" button!

Whether paying by check or PayPal, please consider making and additional donation to support the NCaFLL Tournament!

When paying via PayPal, you can increase the quantity in the shopping cart to donate more!

Team Registration
Team Number
Team Name
Optional Donations
$25 Donation
$50 Donation


Required Forms


Team Schedules

Schedules for judging and competition will be available on January 9th (possibly earlier). It is a convenience to the teams and their families to post them early - please don't make us sorry by requesting changes. Teams are randomly assigned with deference given to distance being travelled.



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