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Get Involved!

There are many opportunities for volunteering, including:

Learn about Specific Volunteer Event Opportunities by joining the "Volunteer-For-Pal" Googlegroup!

: Staff Volunteers

There are many opportunities for volunteering, including:

  • Program and Event Planning and Strategy
  • Mentoring FIRST LEGO League teams
  • Supporting School Teams
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Participating in planning / organizer meetings
  • Hosting workshops and training classes
  • Supporting team "drop-in" to The Play Space
  • Fund-raising / Advocacy support

Contact: Mark Edelman at info @ playingatlearning.org

Win - Win: We find that the best model is by having support in at least 2 ways:

  • Volunteers for events and teams
  • Monetary support for program services, events and teams
  • Equipment donations for events and teams

Contact: Mark Edelman at marke @ playingatlearning.org

Financial Support - Donations

Donations are always encouraged. Donations can be designated for a specific Playing At Learning program or for general support. Donations not designated will be used to support all of Playing At Learning's programs.

You can also sell items on ebay and designate Playing At Learning to receive a portion or all of the funds - learn more here.

Additional fundraising ideas here


Equipment Donations - Particularly "New-ish" Laptops!

We have specific needs for laptop computers for use in schools and in parent and mentor training programs. If you have reasonably new laptops you would be willing to donate, please contact us . We are also interested in the following items for The Play Space:

  • 3-D Printer
  • MultiFunction Copier w/ Finishing options (booklets) - service contract & toner/paper would be greatly appreciated!
  • Digital "Direct to Garment" Printer for TShirt/Cloth
  • CAD SW and training opportunities
  • Button Makers (other than 2" circle which we have 2 of already)
  • Plastic ID Card Printer
  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3 equipment and general LEGO elements
  • and other fun technology items such as Laser cutter, CNC, etc


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