FTC Teams Virtual Sharing Platform – NorCal Championship

Teams competing in the NorCal Championship Tournament would like to share the following.

Team NumberTeam NameCityDescriptionLinkQualifying Match Videos
4345Aragon RoboticsSan MateoThis is our YouTube channel! We've published all of our match videos here.Click hereClick here
5773Ink and MetalFremontWe will be sharing the coding curriculum that we developed in the previous offseason so that other teams can run coding classes easily in the future if they would like.Click here
6165MSET CuttlefishSaratogaWe would like to share our YouTube channel with you. Here you can find our match videos, tutorials, and podcast. Additionally, we have enclosed our best exhibition match score. Click hereClick here
7303RoboAvatarsFremontRoboavatars Practice Run (Former World Record 505 Points)Click here
7390MSET JellyFishSaratogaThis is a video playlist and includes our Highest Scoring Match from Match #4 from the San Jose Qualifier
After weeks of driver practice and building, this match was our highest scoring match where we put together everything we had worked toward the past few months.
Click hereClick here
7641MSET BettaFishSaratogaYouTube Playlist where all match videos will be uploaded.Click hereClick here
8375Vulcan Robotics TeamFoster CityA presentation going over our robot, outreach, team structure.Click here
8381MSan MateoLive garage tours and visit with the robot. The link has videos, the Engineering Portfolio, and the math notes for odometry.Click hereClick here
11039Innov8rzFremontPoster Board and Match VideosClick hereClick here
11201The Piedmont PioneersPiedmontHere's our robot reveal video, although a few things have changed since we made this video.Click hereClick here
11311ParagonSan JoseWe are sharing our match videosClick hereClick here
11689We Love PiFremontClick here
12869Voyager 6 PlusSan RamonVisit our team's website to view our virtual pit table and virtual posterboards!Click here
13180RoverdriveFremontHello everyone! We would like to share our YouTube channel where you can find videos of our official Match plays from this season. While there, you can also take a look at some interesting workshops, outreaches and previous season matches.Click hereClick here
13217AstroBruinsSanta ClaraWe will be sharing an interactive “booth” that will allow pit visitors to learn more about all aspects of the AstroBruins team—from business and outreach to build and code.Click hereClick here
13356RoboForceFremontFTC 13356 would love to share highlights of our hardware designs and software development, as well as our outreach events, for this season at the Regional. We'll have our engineering portfolio, slides, match video and other interesting video clips available for viewing.Click here
14214NvyUsFremontVideo about our robotClick hereClick here
14259TurbΩ V8San RamonTeam presentation about team structure, development plan, outreach and robot design, etcClick here
14300AnimatronicsSan RamonWe are sharing information about our out reach efforts. We will be sharing information about our final robot during the pit visits.Click here
14473FutureFremontDuring the pits we are interested in sharing Serendipity STEM, the outreach community of local Bay Area FTC teams in providing sustainable STEM opportunities for Special Education students. We will also be doing full robot reveal and answer any questions about our robot, SLAEMUR.Click here
14504Serenity Now!FremontVideos, presentationClick here
14525TerrabatsSan JoseCheck out a small video of a few outreach events and robot milestones we achieved this season!Click hereClick here
16944FM493RSEl Dorado HillsOur team is sharing the link to our website. Our website showcases our team members, and the history of our team. Additionally, it includes our progress made throughout the season. We also have advice for FLL teams, and how to contact us via social media.Click here
18254The Inzain BotsMenlo ParkLive garage visit with the robot plus some linked materials about the teamClick hereClick here
18311Icon ManiacsFremontWe are sharing a google slides presentation of what we did this season.Click here
18340Polaris RoboticsFremontWe are sharing our website, which highlights who we are as a team, elements of our robots, and our experiences. Additionally, our website displays our engineering portfolio.Click here
18373Blizzard RoboticsFremontFlyer with contact informationClick here
18504Magic BotsFremontWe are Magic Bots and this is our Rookie Year.
We like to share our robot video. Please see link
Click here