FTC Teams Virtual Sharing Platform – Sacramento

Teams competing in the Sacramento Remote Qualifying Tournament would like to share the following.

Team NumberTeam NameCityDescriptionLink
3470The PatriotsBrentwoodOur team produced and donated over 500 face shields to local hospitals, medical and dental offices, local businesses, and schools.Click here
5773Ink and MetalFremontWe are sharing the open-source curriculum that we developed for our 16-week summer coding and engineering camp for other FTC/FIRST teams to use and run their own set of classes.Coding Curriculum
Engineering Curriculum
8872RobopocalypseSanta ClaraOur website with youtube links to our working robotClick here
12804LED: Ladies of Engr DesignMenlo ParkWelcome! Check out our Google Slide deck with a few team highlights from our season.Click here
17571Quantum LeapersFremontTeam Web Page (will update it with more details in the next few days). Our plan is to provide more info about our project this year, links to engineering notebook, game videos, etc. on our website.Click here
18340Polaris RoboticsFremontWe are sharing our engineering notebook. This notebook shares the journey of our team from happiest times to the times we sometimes struggled. Regardless, this season has improved our knowledge on robotics, giving us experiences that have been documented, every step of the way.Click here
18504Magic BotsFremontWe are FTC Team Magic Bots. We are located in Fremont and Rookie team. Welcome to our Pit.
18513Toe HeadsSaratogaWe don't really have much to offer teams right now, since we don't have the Engineering Portfolio created, but we could link our instagram @ftc18513 and note that we will be uploading a detailed document of our bot on the day of judging.
18726NinjabotsFremontOur team members are Adit, Vasu, Aum, Maurya, Anay, and Sharva. We are all in 9th grade, attending Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA (besides Anay who attends Athenian School in Danville). We are a rookie FTC team.Click here