FIRST Lunch & Learn

Interested in having a local FIRST volunteer come to your workplace to provide an overview about FIRST – with a focus on how your colleagues can get involved?


What is needed :

  • Fill out the interest form below to let us know that you are interested and we will arrange a date (3+ weeks advance notice is expected)
  • Need to have a dedicated, reserved room (a conference room for example) that will hold those that are interested
  • The room should have the ability to show a presentation (slides at minimum; video capability would be great)
  • Need you or community affairs/HR to promote the Lunch & Learn at your company site
  • Your colleagues are welcome to bring and eat their lunch while our FIRST volunteer helps them learn more about FIRST and ways to be involved

Note that we don’t have a minimum number of attendees per session at this time but please be respectful of the volunteer providing this opportunity –  we are generally expecting 10 or more working adults to be present.  More is great… much more than 40 or so, it probably make sense to split into multiple presentations and/or provide additional services such as a microphone/speaker system.    We could also be able to support a virtual webinar type of presentation but we have found that to be much less effective and prefer an in-person session.

Interest Form: