Event and payment Terms and Conditions

  1. NorCal Event Payment Policy – No Refunds.
    1. Specifically if your team declines to participate in a event due to date or location or similar issue, we will not refund your payment to Playing At Learning.
    2. If the event is cancelled,  we will refund a portion of registration fee if possible
    3. Exceptions
      1. If the team backs out of participating in NorCal BEFORE registering for any event (even as a Wait List team), we will refund up to 50% of the event payment.
      2. If Playing At Learning does not have sufficient capacity for your team to participate in the NorCal FLL region at any event, we will refund up to 80% of the event payment.
    4. If your team contests the paypal charge or stops payment for any reason, your team will not be able to participate in future season until the previous fees are paid AND a certified check or similar that guarantees payment is received for the current season.
  2. Northern California Event Cancellation policy   
    1. Obviously a decision to cancel any event is not undertaken lightly. The situations most likely to cause a cancellation of all or part of the tournament include (but are not limited to):
    2. For in person or remote event, severe weather conditions, such as snow, rain, wind and temperatures that are causing significant hardship
    3. Exceptional circumstances including extended power outage, loss of heat, loss of water, fire, natural disaster such as earthquake and other exceptional conditions.
    4. Significant number of teams or volunteers have to cancel due to illness.
    5. Non-compliance with FIRST Event standards including most importantly Volunteer Screening per YPP Requirements.
      • We require that nearly 100% of the volunteers must be screened and assigned to event by no later than 2 weeks prior to event